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Small Wonders: Working Small, Thinking Large

Start small and in the end celebrate something larger in nature. From the
microorganism to the idea of summer, great things come in small packages!


(NOTE: Work is available for purchase. Please contact the artists for more information.)



After The Storm

c. 2016, 9 x 12 inches

Unpolished white satin, hand-marbled in a contemporary wave pattern. Heavily embellished with threads. Mounted on canvas with a brown/maroon background, easy for hanging. This piece had some wonderful small dark areas that I added blue and brown threads in machine stitching to add to the sense of a coming storm.




Misfiring Synapses


Misfiring Synapses

c. 2012, 17 by 21 inches

Hand-marbled black and red unpolished satin in a variety of patterns. I made a pattern of how I thought a brain cell under stress might look, and this is the result. It's pieced, quilted, and serged. This is a contemporary look at some of the underlying causes of depression. This has been mounted on canvas with a cream fabric background - really stunning.




Autumn Leaves

c. 2016, 8 x 10 inches.

Hand-marbled silk leaves in a variety of patterns, mounted on canvas, embellished with seed beads. So like Vermont in a very colorful autumn!




Partly Sunny, Chance of Storms

c.2017, 12 x 12 inches.

Hand-marbled white untrasuede with variegated threads, framed. I wasn't sure where this piece was going until I added the heavier yellow thread - then everything came together - kind of like a monsoon sky in July in Tucson.




Underwater Reef

c. 2017, 12 x 16 inches

Hand-marbled white denim, variegated threads for various sea creatures, small stitching to represent coral reefs. Framed. This happened after I finished writing a teaching manual for a marine biology text - anemones, urchins, shells, coral - lots of little details in here.



Sonoran Desert

c. 2016

18 x 36 inches

Hand-marbled white denim, with thread embellishment to represent the saguaro cactus an d the overwhelming spread of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Semi-precious stones.

Private Collection



Spring Thaw


12 x 16 inches, mounted on canvas. White denim hand-marbled in a traditional stone pattern. Embellished with various threads - Vermont (or any "winter" state) as spring slowly creeps in.




Sea Urchins

c. 2016

8 x 8 inches, hand-marbled unpolished satin in a traditional stone pattern, embellished with threads and yarn. I developed what I call the "lichen" stitch for the above "Spring Thaw," and it seemed to be perfect for spiny urchins in varegiated colors. Framed.



Summer Joy


Summer Joy
9 inches by 12 inches

Done on unpolished white poly-silk with metallic stitching, the piece reminds us of flowers in summer.




Insidious Oil

c. 2011, 12-inch square . Hand-marbled cotton in a chevon pattern, embellished with black seed beads to represent the creeping oil for spills. Created for the Tikkun Olam show, Restoration, in Tucson.

Private Collection



c. 2012, 12-inch square

An abstract look inside a brain cell, created for the 2012 SAQA auction. Black unpolished satin,hand-marbled in a traditional stone pattern. Fabric was left from the satin marbled for "Misfiring Synapses."

Private collection

Organic 1
8.5 inches by 11 inches
c. 2005
Done on white denim, with gold stitching, the piece reminds us of a view through a microscope. Mounted on gray slate, with a small easel stand.

Private collection.



Rhythm of the Wave

c. 2010, 12 x 15 inches. Hand-marbled wave pattern on dark green Japanese silk, embellished wth beads.

Private collection.


: Sonoran Tidepool

On The Rocks
9.5 inches x 13 inches
c. 2004
Done on white denim, with variegated stitching, the piece reminds us of river rock found commonly in the Southwest.

Private collection


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GalleriesGaiaSmall Wonders Nature • Abstraction • Mandalas • Art Quilting • Other
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