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Nature: Wonder All Around

Take a somewhat abstract look at the incredible beauty of nature around us. Sometimes we never see a still pond for its serenity, a rock garden for its meditation, or a rock path for its mysteriousness. All fabric has been hand-marbled by Dean and Linda Moran. Commerical embellishments have been added.


(NOTE: Work is available for purchase. Please contact the artists for more information.)


Nature 17: Sedona Trails

c. 2012, 18 x 36 inches

Hand-marbled cottons in a traditional stone pattern, in the colors of the red rock of Sedona, AZ. Enbellished with threads and seed beads, commercial fabrics for the borders.

Private Collection


Nature 16: The Seasons

c. 2016, four pieces of varying sizes.

Each piece uses the traditional Log Cabin pattern as the base for the marbling in the season. Each piece is machine quilted and some specific embellishment (twigs, glitter, beads, silk flowers) added for the particular season.



Nature 15: Wetlands

c. 2016, 24-inch diameter

Hand-marbled unpolished white satin, in a conemporary wave pattern, designed to remind my of the salt marshes and wetlands on Cape Cod. Heavily embellished with threads; yarn added for a border. Now framed on canvas with a sea-blue background.



Nature 14: The Arroyo

c. 2016, 18 x 36 inches

Based on the many washes (arroyo in Spanish) from the desert Southwest, this was commissioned for a family friend. Embellished the threads and seed beads, hand-marbled in a contemporary stone pattern. Imagine looking down from a plane and seeing the texture of the desert from above.

Private Collection



Nature 13: Clammin'

c. 2012, 9.5 x 22 inches

Hand-marbled cotton in a traditional clamshell pattern, embellished with actual clamshells. This is a great pattern to quilt, as it looks like the ripples of low tide as you are out searching for clams.

Private Collection


Nature 12: The Shallows

c. 2012, Linda Moran

15 x 50 inches, hand-marbled traditional stone pattern, machine-quilted and embellished with shredded money pieces to create the lichen. I am fascinated with the surfaces of rocks and strream beds, and this is a variation of the original Rock Garden.




Nature 11: Bamboo Jungle

c. 2010, Linda Moran

Hand-marbled in a traditional chevron pattern, commercial fabrics, leaves created from silk leaves embellished with threads and semi-precious stones. When this fabric came out of the tray, it said "bamboo" to me, and it waited until I had the skills to create this.


Nature 10: Salmon Run
c. 2010, Linda Moran

19 x 30 inches, machine quilted with variegated threads, on an unpolished white satin, with faux suede for the "frame."

Juried into "Fish Follies," 2010, at the Cordova Historical Museum, Alaska.

Once I took the quilting stitch to this, I kept seeing fish scales, particularly that of salmon. As I contiued quilting, I could see the spawning salmon run down the left side of the piece, hence the name.



Nature 9: Ocean's Bounty
c. 2009, Linda Moran

30 by 42 inches,  including hanging

Three-tiered wave effect, on unpolished white satin, machine quilted with variegated threads; embellished with yarns, glass fish, semi-precious stones.

Juried into "Fish Follies," 2009, at the Cordova Historical Museum, Alaska.

I wanted a piece with definite wave movement, and this piece took about four years from inception to finish to get the effect I wanted.



Nature 8: Rainforest

c. 2005, Linda Moran

10 by 40 inches, line green cotton lame, hand-marbled and machine quilted with variegated threads. Silk flowers are also hand-marbled. Beading is adde for additional texture.

This is my ode to the endangered rain forest. If you look closely at the lower right corner, you will see where it has actually been burned to represent the ongoing destruction of this vital resource.




Nature 7: Low Tide
20 inches by 43 inches
c. 2009, Linda Moran

Heavy-weight table-cloth linen, nad-marbled in a traditional stone pattern. Embellished with yarns, semi-precious stones, glitter. Machine quilted with variegated threads.

Juried into "Fabric of Legacies" in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Private Collection


Nature 6: The Road Less Traveled
c. 2005, Linda Moran
Brown ultrasuede, with a traditional stone pattern
9.5 inches by 44 inches

Originally part of some "playing around" with different textured fabrics. This piece looks very earthy and reminded me of less-travelled paths in the mountains of New England.

Private collection



Nature 5: Low Tide

c. 2004 Linda Moran

34 x 18.5 inches

Created on heavy tablecloth linen, this was a present for a woman who was writing a book on the tide pools of the Sea of Cortez. She did all the photography herself, picking up and carefully returning all the creatures after pictures. This is a traditional stone pattern with some left-over blue color from an earlier piece.

Private Collection

Nature 4: Rough Waters
© 2004 Linda Moran

34 x 18.5 inches


Juried into "Fish Follies" in 2004 at the Cordova Historical Museum, Alaska.

Created on unpolished white satin to give the effect of swirling ocean eddies and currents. The pattern is a variation of a freeform marbled design, only more organic, with few details in swirls. We used a toothbrush to get the effect of bubbles on water, to create the motion that you see in the ocean. Machine-quilted using variegated threads, framed with a piece of silver silk.

Private Collection

Nature 3: Soaring

c. 2001, 19 x 44 inches.

Hand-arbled brown rayon in a very contemporary free-form pattern. Brushed bronze frame.



Nature 2: Pond
10" w x 40" long
© Linda Moran


Water is a fascinating element, and on our way to creating an ocean piece, we ended up with a pond, a small living body of waer, home to all sorts of interesting miniscule life forms. We wanted to try this faux suede fabric, left over from earlier years of garment sewing, as well as try a curve to the pieces. We wanted the effect of drops of water and little bits of sparkly sunlight throughout the piece, and I used two kinds of beads to accomplish that.


Nature 2: Pond (closeup)
10" w x 40" long
© 2003 Linda Moran

Nature 1: Rock Garden
Size: 25" x 45"
Dean and Linda Moran

Juried into Expressions in Textiles, 2003, New Haven, CT.

The traditional stone pattern in marbling has always fascinated us, but we find the pattern difficult to do, given that our marbling process differs from some of the traditional marblers. We set out with this piece to create a river bed of stones, much like what you see in the dry rivers of the Southwest. We had just finished marbling some pieces that were predominantly orange, so we ended up with some nice surprises within all the rocks.

When the piece came out of the tray, we both fell in love with its zen-like restfulness. I then decided to quilt around each of the stones, to accent them a bit more. Well, then I couldn't stop! The rocks had such incredible texture as I worked down the piece. we loved it, but the piece kept asking for more. Finally I got three different colors of Sulky threads and began to tightly stipple the "sand" in the river bed. That was what it needed!


Rock Garden can be hung horizontally or vertically. We had originally intended for it to be horizontal, but Textures Galleryin Scottsdale hung it vertically, and we loved it. The photos were taken before the borders were added: there is a 2.5 inch faux beige suede border around the piece. Closeup at left.

More information about purchasing ...

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