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Mandala: Spiritual Manifestations

Our planet and its place in the universe is filled with restless energy. The sun is a circular orb, as is our constantly moving, molten planet. The amazing spirituality that can be found in all aspects of our world continue to manifest in the circular form of these pieces.

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Mandala 1: Core
Size: 24” diameter circle

Marbling Pattern - free form
c. 2003 Dean and Linda Moran

This piece started as a result of finishing a commission that was done on red unpolished satin. The satin gives a very vibrant look to the patterns. I wanted to continue with a free form pattern, as that had been very successful in one of the other art pieces.

This is essentially a “whole cloth” piece, with one piece of marbled fabric used as a whole. It was quilted extensively with variegated thread, letting the pattern dictate the actual quilting designs. The fabric “pulsates” with heat, given the combination of shiny fabric and specialty thread, along with a few well-placed garnet beads.

Private collection

Much thought was given to the binding of the piece, in an attempt to keep the circle and hide edging, and yet letting the quilting of the piece show on the back. I went from a “sandwich-quilt” idea that wouldn’t show the quilting on the back, to using cording to finish the edges. Closeup at left.
Mandala 2: Sol
Size: 18" diameter circle.
c. 2003 Dean and Linda Moran

The more we work with some of these new designs, the more the fabric talks to us. The mandala conveys so much of the restless, dynamic energy of the Earth, as well as the Solar System. Using neon orange paint on a yellow cotton lame made this piece just bubble with life.

Sol was the first piece to ask for extensive beads. We still needed a focus for the piece, so quilt artist Ellen Koehn suggested working with the bluish tints in the piece. Thus Sol took on an accent. The idea of mandala is very appealing, and the free form pattern is such a delight to quilt. Sol is marbled on yellow cotton lame, with a Sulky Metallic for the machine quilting.

Sol also didn't want the same kind of binding as the first mandala. I learned that when you combine a really good bead store with an outstanding yarn section, you will really be in trouble! The braided edging is a multi-colored rayon yarn.

Private collection


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