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Gaia: The Spirit of the Earth

Celebrate the spirit of our planet that excites us, moves us, makes us
wonder at its magnificence, and brings us to tears at its incredible beauty.
The Gaia pieces all use a woven technique unique to these pieces, since one
of the wonders of our planet is the interdependence of everything.


(NOTE: All work is available for purchase. Please contact the artists for more information.)

Click on image to enlarge:
Gaia 3: Autumn
14 inches by 25 inches
Exhibited: Schullenberger Gallery, VT

Dean and Linda Moran

When we were invited to participate in the Artists' Showcase at the Schullenberger Gallery in Jericho, Vermont, we wanted a piece that would evoke what this Vermont native loves best about the state - the colors on a sunny day in autumn. We also wanted to send something that would be very representative of the weaving aspect in our work. So Autumn was born.

The piece is an unpolished white satin, marbled in the reverse wing pattern, and quilted with a copper Sulky metallic thread. The quilting follows the primary curves of the pattern, lending a "wind-blown effect to the piece. Beads were added at the bottom.

Private collection

Gaia 3 closeup at left.

Gaia 2: Beginnings
Size: 40” wide x 56” long
© 2003 Linda Moran

This piece started as a result of finishing a commission that was done on red unpolished satin. Six pieces were marbled, using a total of four pieces. The idea was to create a piece that would represent the volcanic origins of the earth and the goddess Pele. For the longest time this piece was known simply as “Pele.”

A free-form pattern makes up the bottom four strips. The next four strips are the “wave” pattern, and the last four strips are what we call the ”fountain” pattern. A fourth pattern of a very small feather was ultimately not used in the weaving. As the strips were cut, thought was given to the design: volcanic in origin, erupting from constricting faults in the earth.

There will never be another piece like this.

Private Collection

Each piece was sandwiched and serged with a variegated thread before any quilting was done. The free-form strips were quilted using a variegated Sulky thread to accent the pattern. The four “wave” strips were quilted by following an initial curved line throughout each of the pieces and then coming back with a different metallic thread to accent the marbled pattern. The four “fountain” pieces were quilted in a distinctly different shade of thread to accent the eruption of lava. Closeup at left.

Gaia 1: Interdependence
Size: 28" wide x 22" long
© 2003 Linda Moran

This piece had an interesting origin. For a while I contemplated entering a couple of juried shows, trying to determine what I could do with a piece to make it fit the criteria of the show. Along comes a prospectus for the InterMontain Weavers Conference in Prescott, right in our backyard, so to speak. Initial perusal looked like it might be a good fit, until readng the prospectus closer, I noticed an emphasis on weaving. Okay, no go. But the thought of weaving stayed in my mind, and I began to wonder if I coud weave strips.

Once I decided I could do that, then I had to figure out how to back the pieces - before, after, how would I do it? I decided to serge edges beforehand, as I liked the "organic" feel to the pieces. And thus was a new style born for me. We very carfully chose the marbled patterns that would help convey the story of the piece. This one uses the stone pattern and a version of a beginning "get-gel" pattern. Marblers will understand those terms better. Closeup at left.

Private Collection

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